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Americas-I Submarine Optical Cable System Completes The Renewal Of The U.S. Landing Permit

July 27, 2020

Latest company news about Americas-I Submarine Optical Cable System Completes The Renewal Of The U.S. Landing Permit

Source: Cable Network


[Cable Net News] According to foreign media news, the Americas-I consortium has revised its application for a new cable landing permit to allow the Americas-I submarine optical cable system to continue operating for 25 years.


In September 1994, Americas-I North, a submarine optical fiber telecommunication cable system, was put into use. The system has a length of 2012 kilometers and was owned and operated by a consortium composed of AT&T, CANTV, CNT, Emmatel, Sprint, Tata Communications, Telxius, and Verizon at the time.

It is understood that Atlantic Telecommunications Operations Company (ATOC) has acquired the rights and interests of the Amereicas-1 system held by Sprint Communications Company, thereby increasing ATOC’s stake in the cable to 8.25%; subsequently, Sprint has completely withdrawn from the system.

The submarine cable system has landing points in the United States. However, after the current license expires on September 1, 2019, a new cable landing license application has been submitted to allow the Americas I Cable System to continue to operate for 25 years.

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