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Argentina launches bidding for 500 kV transmission project

March 13, 2019

Latest company news about Argentina launches bidding for 500 kV transmission project

[Cable Network News] Argentina has officially launched the bidding for 500 kV transmission lines to improve the domestic electric power infrastructure to absorb more renewable energy.
According to the tender notice, the transmission line is a new high-voltage transmission line connecting Mendoza and the province of Buenos Aires, and will establish and operate a 15-year public-private partnership.
At the same time, the project also includes five feeder lines connecting several local grid systems between Córdoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.
The government's energy department will bid on the plan in the next three months and plans to award the contract by early July 2019.
According to the Argentine government, the transmission line is the first of the nine high-pressure projects planned by the government. With the support of the Argentine system for large-scale increases in renewable energy, the grid has been promoted, and according to the 2015 law, it must grow to meet 20% of the country's electricity needs by 2025.
“Recently, we have worked hard to diversify our energy mix and significantly increase renewable energy. This transmission line is an important step in improving our distribution capacity and linking the power generation area to the consumer center,” said State Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui. Said in the statement.
With the steady growth of renewable energy in Argentina, demand for electricity infrastructure is also driving. According to government data, as of February 28, the cumulative size of 30 effective projects in the country has reached 795 megawatts, of which one-third is photovoltaic power plants. Once the construction plan is taken into consideration, these numbers will increase to 126 projects with a total installed capacity of 4.593 GW, which requires strong and efficient transmission and distribution infrastructure support.
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