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Causes of cable damage and preventive measures in winter

November 24, 2020

Causes of cable damage and preventive measures in winter


Source: Internet

In winter, when laying and installing wires and cables, many construction personnel will find that the wire and cable products with good quality usually have some problems, such as wire body hardening, insulation sheath falling off and damage. Many construction personnel think that the quality problems of wireand cable products have occurred, and the cable manufacturers insist that the products have been inspected before leaving the factory and are qualified Products often lead to misunderstanding between both sides.


In fact, it is not the quality of the product itself, but the cold in winter. The outer skin of wire and cable products are mostly ordinary plastic (PVC) or rubber. When they are in the environment below zero, they will harden, and the whole wire and cable product line body will be hard and brittle, resulting in the skin may fall off and be damaged under slight external force. In winter, especially in the northern region, the outdoor temperature is often below zero, and the surface temperature may be lower. Therefore, if the wire and cable products are placed outdoors or directly on the ground, the product skin may fall off. So, how can we prevent the phenomenon of wire and cable sheath falling off in winter? Take the following measures from each stage--


1.Ex factory transportation: when the products are loaded on the transport tools, they need to be kept warm and protected. For example, the use of closed means of transport to prevent direct exposure of products; put a soft cushion on the product, such as bedding or other softer foam, etc. when loading, gently handle lightly, do not load rough, at the same time avoid excessive bending of the product.


2. When arriving at the destination or construction site, it is better for the product supplier to send personnel to supervise to prevent rough operation during unloading. is best to store products in the room, and lay a layer of isolation layer on the surface of the storage, such as boards, bedding, foam and so on, to prevent the product from getting cold and damp.


4.When laying and installing the product: it is better to operate under the condition of relatively warm temperature in the middle and afternoon. If possible, the product can be "warmed up" in advance by using air heater and other equipment before use, so that the product can reach the best performance state. If buried, a protective layer can be laid in the cable trench, such as cloth and foam. If it is through the tube, the inside and outside of the pipe must be smooth in advance, so as not to scratch the wire. Special attention should be paid to the iron pipe. If the quality of the iron pipe is qualified, there may be a large number of sharp convex points in the poor quality iron pipe, which is likely to scratch the wire skin.


5. CN CABLE GROUP brand low-temperature cable is selected and tested in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T2951.14-2008. It is placed at - 35℃ for 16h, and then the mechanical property test is carried out. The insulation and sheath are tested for elongation and tensile strength. The passing rate is 100%. The cable has very strong low temperature resistance performance and can In the cold external environment, the insulation and sheath skin can still ensure no crack and fracture.

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