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In 2018, the German grid balance cost fell to 1.438 billion euros

May 20, 2019

Latest company news about In 2018, the German grid balance cost fell to 1.438 billion euros

2019/05/20 08:29:28 Source: Cable Network Share to:
[Cable Network News] The German Federal Network Administration (BNetzA) said in its annual report on grid and system security measures that the cost of stabilizing the German grid in 2018 reached 1.438 billion euros, compared to 1.51 billion euros in 2017. There is a drop.
Despite the overall increase in intermittent renewable energy (wind and solar), the amount of power that must be suppressed in high input and insufficient grid capacity has been reduced.
The agency said that the amount of electricity generated by renewable energy in 2018 was 2.6%, and the compensation to renewable energy operators reached 635.4 million euros.
On the other hand, the expenditure on dispatching measures to stabilize the grid reached 472.7 million euros, a 22% drop from 2017.
At present, one of the main problems of the German energy transformation is the lag of the expansion of the power grid, which leads to the inability of the abundant renewable energy generated in the north to be transported to the southern industrial center through the power grid.
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