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Manatua Submarine Cable System Is About To Be Put Into Use

July 27, 2020

Latest company news about Manatua Submarine Cable System Is About To Be Put Into Use

[Cable Network News] Four operators have confirmed that the Manatua submarine optical cable system has been certified and will be put into use soon.


The four operators are French Polynesia’s Post and Telecommunications Bureau (OPT), Cook Islands’ Avaroa Cable Limited (ACL), Niue’s Telecom Niue Limited (TNL) and Samoa’s Submarine Cable Company. (SSCC).

Although in the later stages of the project, due to the interference caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which restricted the flow of critical testing resources, the Manatua system was delivered on time and within the original budget.

According to reports, the Manatua system with a length of 3,634 kilometers includes two fiber-optic trunk lines, each of which can carry 10Tbps of data. It is connected from Apia, the capital of Western Samoa, to To'ahotu (French Polynesia), and has Branches to Alofi (Niue), Aitutaki (Cook Islands), Rarotonga and Vaitape (French Polynesia).

The French Polynesian government stated: "This cooperation is a huge technological advancement and a milestone in the connectivity of the Polynesian region, which will make our connections with the world wider."

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