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The German-Norwegian submarine HVDC system Nordlink puts into operation

May 29, 2021

Latest company news about The German-Norwegian submarine HVDC system Nordlink puts into operation

The German-Norwegian submarine HVDC system Nordlink puts into operation


2021/05/28 10:32:30 Source: Cable Network


[Cable Network News] Germany and Norway launched a new submarine cable on Thursday, which directly connects the electricity networks of the two countries. The project is considered to be a key step in Europe's efforts to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


This new submarine cable is Nordlink, which costs up to 2 billion euros. It aims to export excess electricity from German wind farms to Norway and obtain abundant hydropower resources from Norway during non-monsoon periods, so that both parties can obtain more flexible Clean electricity.


German Chancellor Merkel said at the online launch ceremony: "We are setting a milestone for Europe's modern energy supply."


This 623-kilometer cable extends under the North Sea from Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany to Tonstad in southern Norway. According to reports, it can carry enough electricity to power 3.6 million homes at a time.


Claudia Kemfert, a senior energy expert at the German Economic Research Institute, said that the new system will help reduce electricity prices in Germany, which are relatively high compared with other European countries.


Norway, which is rich in oil resources, can use renewable resources to meet almost all of its electricity needs, while electricity from its hydroelectric power stations is relatively cheap.


Kemfert said that by using the Norwegian power grid, Germany can avoid building its own expensive backup power plants. "?? Nordlink cannot replace Germany to expand renewable energy here, but it can greatly help balance demand fluctuations."


The German government recently announced that its goal is to reduce Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions to “net zero” by 2045.


As Germany will close its last nuclear power plant next year and phase out the use of coal by 2038, it will need to expand wind power and solar power on a large scale to meet the needs of its 83 million residents and industry.


Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said of the project: “Nordlink will facilitate Germany’s transition to renewable energy. At the same time, it will provide us with energy in Norway when needed.”


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